Tyler Sheff

tyler sheff tampa bay florida cropIf you have ever considered getting investing in real estate investing, give me a call. My goal is to simplify the real estate buying and selling process for those in need when it matters most. I originally earned my real estate license in the year 2000, and in 2014 I reentered the real estate business after spending 5 years at sea working for the US Government.

During my time at sea, I spent a great deal of my free time taking many courses that involve advanced real estate investing techniques. I also studied law regarding to real estate and settlement procedures which better enable me to help my clients work through real estate related challenges and roadblocks.

I am passionate about helping my clients buy or sell real estate and strive to not only meet, but far exceed their expectations. Being an active real estate investor I feel I have a better feel for the market than other agents. My negotiating skills have proven to be a great benefit to my clients.

I pride myself on my ability to solve problems, and work past roadblocks that my clients may encounter during their journey.

If you have ever considered getting involved in real estate investing, book some time with me on our contact page.