It’s a phrase you’ve probably heard before or something that essentially projects the same message. Marty Fukuda recently wrote an article about the importance of passion in one’s life, and it will likely resonate with a large majority of his readers. Fukuda’s advice, “be passionate about something.”

Having something in your life that you’re passionate about will ultimately inflict a positive effect on all aspects of your life. Being passionate about your career can be the greatest gift you give yourself! Top performers in any company will likely have a passion in association with their job. Whether someone is passionate about the company itself, because perhaps they’ve built it from the ground up, or they’re passionate about the work they’re doing for that company, like
being in charge of company social media accounts, they will inevitably see great results in their career. To have a genuine enthusiasm for what you’re doing essentially is passion. It’s like that saying, ‘If you enjoy what you do, you won’t work a day in your life.’

Fukuda mentions that many people think that the lack of passion in their lives is a result of their environment when in fact it is the opposite. When you find a passion for something, and you truly immerse yourself in that, you in turn attract the people and circumstances that will aid you in your success. In order to find your passion, he suggests trying new things. Whatever it is that you’re doing in your life, if you cannot think of one thing that could easily occupy hours of your time with pure enjoyment or that makes you want to take risks, you have yet to find your passion. So, why not try that one thing that you wish you could have done when you were younger or maybe there’s something you’ve been meaning to start but haven’t had the time, just do it, “be open to new sources of inspiration.”

Try not to force yourself into thinking you’re passionate about the most influential aspect of your life. Don’t try and convince yourself that you love your job so much and that you are genuinely happy ‘filing other’s taxes’. You could find that the most trivial activity or hobby brings you the greatest sense of joy, and that’s equally as great as being passionate about work. If you set time aside to strictly submerge yourself in your passion you will see a “ripple effect on other aspects of your life.”

Finding your passion is essential to your overall well-being and success. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to learn about real estate investment but never thought you had the time, well now is the time to explore any and all of those possibilities. When you’re passionate about something it will propel all aspects in your life positively forward.