Marketing can often times make or break a business. Larger companies usually have a marketing department with a fairly substantial marketing budget, small businesses on the other hand are often lacking in the funds to market on a corporate level. So what can you do to market your small business?


First and foremost, you need to be well versed in your social media platforms. More and more companies are turning to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to promote their brands. You want to try and create as many properties under your company name as possible, this will encourage search engines like Google to recognize your business as being relevant. There are also several promotional options for you to explore, both pinterest and twitter offer different options for businesses. Many of these social media platforms also give analytics for your profile, you can than utilize theses statistics to decipher what has been working, marketing wise, and what you should revisit to meet your target market. Utilize social media to reach your local audience.

Google has recently confirmed that there are more searches made from mobile devices than desktops, so having a strong presence on mobile apps is vital. Ensure your company website is optimized mobily, as search engines take that into consideration when determining relevancy.

Aside from the tech fronts, relationship marketing is also crucial to the success of a small business, specifically when you’re just starting out. You want to create captivating experiences for your clients so they’re both enticed to come back and tell others about your business. Go above and beyond with every interaction you have, in a world where so much can be done online, getting someone to visit your business is proving to be difficult. Give them a reason to visit your business, try something promotional on a mobile app like discounts for first time visitors or locals is always an option.

Technology will forever shape the way we do business, with improving technology comes improving marketing strategies. Where technology goes, so should your marketing.